#Bala Review: From Humor to Emotion, Everything Falls at the Right Place

Finally, Bala is here to entertain your heart and soul with its wit and humor. Check its no-spoiler review here!

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#Bala Review: From Humor to Emotion, Everything Falls at the Right Place

Ayushmann, Ayushmann, Ayushmann is all over, on cinephiles’ minds, news headlines, award winner lists, and many more. And, maybe his choice of films is the reason. Though, once again, he chose a very sensitive topic, i.e., the story of a young man who is struggling with premature balding.

Finally, after so many court cases and acquisitions, the movie #Bala is released, and guess what, it is also a sure-shot entertainer like all other films of Ayushmann.

The movie was first trapped in the case filed by Ujda Chaman’s Director, and then Dr. Zeus called out Bala makers for picking and remixing his hit numbers. But soon, they came out of all.

The movie opens with a quick view of the summer of 2003 when Balmukund aka Bala, who is drenched in the pride of having the best wavy black hair as a schoolboy. Bala loves to attract attention through his mimicry skills and acts like he is the Shah Rukh Khan of the school. Plus, he doesn’t hesitate to make fun of his bald teacher by calling him Takla and humiliating his dark-complexioned classmate in front of the entire school since he is so proud of his hair and good looks.

And then Karma hits back. Now, the time comes when Bala (Ayushmann Khurrana) has lost all his pride; oops, I mean all his hair. His self-confidence gets crushed due to his balding head, which he says women spot before they see the full moon on a Karva Chauth night. And, somewhere due to hair loss, his 15-year-old relationship broke, and his girlfriend left him for a guy who looks exactly like him but with more hair on his head. Sounds interesting, right? However, the struggle starts when he gets demoted in his marketing job of selling fairness cream.

So, he starts working for it. Bala tries hundreds of remedies to get his pride back like putting a mix of buffalo’s dung and bull’s semen on his scalp but to no use. In his entire struggle, he has strong support from his lovely family - mostly from his brother (Dheerendra Kumar Gautam), his parents (Sunita Rajbar and Saurabh Shukla), and his friends (Jaaved Jaaferi and Abhishek Banerjee).

Bala settles with sticking a hair patch on his head, gifted by his bald father, after several failed attempts at growing new hair. And then, the love story between Pari (Yami Gautam) and Bala starts. Yami plays the role of the fairness cream brand ambassador he sells as well as the TikTok sensation.

Well, not going to reveal the entire story, but must say that Bala surely takes you through many twists and turns, which turn out to be a great laugh riot.

Earlier, when Ayushmann was talking about acting this role in the film, he said,

“It was not easy at all.”

He added,

“I had to meet a lot of people suffering from premature baldness. I had a lot of friends from school and college who experienced hair fall in their late 20s or early 30s. I found two types of men — one who were under-confident and nursing a complex. The second one were such men who were extremely confident in their own skin. Bala is that person who is undergoing a transition from an under-confident man to a confident person… Empathy was required to understand and play this role.”

Today, two more movies released, which are Suraj Pancholi starrer Satelite Shankar and Neil Nitin Mukesh & Adah Sharma starrer Bypass Road.

Besides, being a celebration of Bollywood, Bala is also its critique, which questions the stereotypes set by our cinema about beauty. Besides, the film radiates a feel-good warmth you were waiting for like so long.

So, don’t wait much! Books the tickets and watch the biggest laugh riot now!