#GoodNewwzReview: A Must-Watch Family Entertainer for a Happy Year Ending

Finally, the most entertainer of the year, Good Newwz, hit the screens today. Read the full review here!

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#GoodNewwzReview: A Must-Watch Family Entertainer for a Happy Year Ending

It’s the end of the year, and almost everyone was waiting to watch the rom-com Good Newwz for a happy ending. So, it’s finally released guys and guess what the movie is all you wanted: Full of Fun.

The movie revolves around two couples. One is  Varun Batra (Akshay Kumar) & Deepti (Kareena Kapoor Khan) - a posh, high-flying married couple, much involved with their respective careers, living in Mumbai. After trying for a few years, both Deepti & Varun have their heart set on having a baby; hence they decided to consult one of the best fertility specialists in the city. As a solution, the doctor recommends IVF, and they are ready for it. However, after the procedure, Varun and Deepti are told that there was a sperm mix-up with another couple having a similar last name.

Here enters another couple 'the Batras from Chandigarh,' i.e., Honey (Diljit Dosanjh) and Monika (Kiara Advani). Well, they are a loud Punjabi couple, and now it’s a complete clash of sensibilities between the two sets of Batras. And, as both Monika and Deepti find out they are pregnant, the rest of the film forms how the couples come to terms and deal with this unusual situation.

With several light-hearted and funny moments, Director Raj Mehta ensures that 'Good Newwz' stays true to its genre, and this is one of the best parts of the entire film.

If we talk about the performances of all, they are top-notch. Yes, Kareena Kapoor Khan delivers a knockout performance and steals the show as the sophisticated Deepti, and even her character’s emotional angle is developed well. On the other hand, Akshay Kumar, with his comic timing, hits the right spot. Moreover, Diljit Dosanjh plays his role with full gusto. And, at last, Kiara Advani is sincerest one of all and makes a great impact. Besides all, as the straight-faced doctor Adil Hussain, at the core of all the confusion, is a hoot.

Moreover, both Kareena and Akshay, as a couple, play off each other very well, and many of their interactions come off as very relatable that makes an amazing impression.

And, most importantly, songs like rocking party anthem Chandigarh Mein and Sauda Khara Khara make the flick more entertaining.

Akshay Kumar said recently in an interview,

“I have seen the film. The last 20 minutes are so emotional and it touches you. In my career, I have done about 140 films by now and I would consider this one of my best films.”

Moreover, talking about the genre of his films, Akshay said,

“If I say I feel comfortable in one genre, you will put a tag on me. I don’t want any kind of tag. I’ve come out of that game of tags when I used to do only action, I was bored. I never wanted the tag of an action hero. Even now I don’t want any tags. I’m very comfortable playing all kinds of genres. If anything new comes in, if it’s risky and fun, then I’d just go for it.”

While reviewing the movie, Taran Adarsh wrote,

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
This one’s a SURE-FIRE HIT... Smart writing. Fantastic humour. Heartfelt emotions... Superb performances [#Akshay, #Kareena, #Diljit, #Kiara]... 2019 will conclude with a big winner, with #GoodNewwz. #GoodNewwzReview”

So, must say 'Good Newwz' is a light and breezy comedy and certainly makes for a must-watch entertaining flick for the happy year ending.