‘Malaal’ Review: A Sweet Love Story Set in the Mumbai of the Late ’90s

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‘Malaal’ Review: A Sweet Love Story Set in the Mumbai of the Late ’90s

And it’s time for a love story! Yes, we are talking about recently released ‘Malaal,’ a love story between Shiva, a hot-headed, scowling youngster & Astha, a simple North Indian girl.

The movie is set in the Mumbai of the late ’90s era. And just like other movies of that era, the lead actor of the flick Shiva (Meezaan) is the local ‘tapori’ who is raw, rustic and temperamental by nature. True, he is one quintessential bad boy who spends his day getting into street fights, gambling, and drinking.

And, till he stumbles upon Aastha Tripathi (Sharmin Segal), another lead, his life within the confines of his chawl doesn’t go beyond brawls at home or on the street. The family of Astha has newly moved to this modest living space after facing some financial crises.

At first, their interactions are brusque, like most of the other movies, but soon twenty-two-year-old Shiva finds himself falling in love with her. Shiva is upfront and can easily share his feelings with her, and at the same place, Aastha is little reserved by nature. Aastha, pursuing a degree in CA, is soon to be engaged to the son of a well-to-do family friend, and on the other hand, Shiva’s clear disregard towards even trying to have a career bothers her.

Even parents of Aastha want their daughter to have nothing to do with Shiva since they have already written him off as a good for nothing. However, shortly, it seems that Aastha too fell for him.

‘Malaal’ is a simmering love story with well-crafted romantic & intense moments that engulfs you into its world. You might miss the grandeur and lavish scale one usually notices in a typical Sanjay Leela Bhansali film but must say the director Mangesh Hadawale created an amazing mood and ambiance, capturing the bustle and flavor of a Mumbai chawl beautifully.

Especially the scenes of festivals add a gorgeous hue to the frame. Also, the film’s vibrant soundtrack stays on, especially the haunting and melancholic title track ‘Ek Malaal’ and the romantic number ‘Naad Khula.’

With strong screen presence, Meezaan makes a striking debut, and Sharmin Segal too makes an unforgettable impression through her innocence. Well, it’s the on-screen couple’s instant chemistry which makes them likable in the remake of the 2004 Tamil film, 7G Rainbow Colony.

It also reiterates the memories of the time when handwritten notes were a thing. It’s the tender moments like these which make this movie unique and soothing.

In all, it is a movie for those who want to soak themselves into a full-blown love story.